Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Live

Two of the best songs of the year, from two of the best albums of the year:

Antony and the Johnsons - Fistfull of Love (live) (guitar and vocal only, xfm 2005-05-06)

Mountain Goats - Song for Dennis Brown (live)(guitar and vocal only, 2005-07-04, Fulton Mall Parking Garage - entire show is here)

Another TV Theme Song (Freaks and Geeks):

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation (live) (this one goes out to Uncle Tom)

The Pipettes - One Night Stand (live) (Wales 2005-07-16)

Beck - Sexx Laws (live) (video gameish, Memorial Coliseum, Portland, 2005-07-16)


Arethusa said...

I'm on the phone at the moment and when I saw your Antony and the Johnsons download, with the preceding praise, I shouted, "Too right!"


Love the Pipettes track.

Canowine said...

Thank you, arethusa. :-)

Really, it's the song of the year. IMHO.