Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Q and Not U mp3s - live at Fort Reno, 7-18-2005

I struggled, but made the 10-minute drive from where I work to Fort Reno yesterday evening to catch the free Q+-U "farewell to teenie-boppers" show (they only have 2 more shows to go--both at the Black Cat in DC). After wilting in the afternoon sun, listening Son of Nun's (visit the S.O.N. website to be flagged by the Dept of Homeland Security) spirited appeals to a small high-school aged crowd to "Free Palestine Now!" and get the troops out of Baghdad ("this is my city"), several hundred sopping, pimpled teenage foreheads worked their way to the stage for one last encounter with their local indie darlings.

And they were not disappointed. Q+-U played a tight, compact Fort Reno-sized set, appreciating the local support by sacrificing every bit of sweat in their bodies. There was minimal banter--a mere minute of talk in the middle of the show to thank the local kids and encourage them to continue to support the Fort Reno series--and as much aggressive indie power pop as you can fit into an hour.

This is what it sounded like from where I stood (center, about 20 feet from stage):

Mp3 setlist, Q and Not U, at Fort Reno, 7-18-2005

Wonderful People
Wet Work
Book of Flags/When the Lines Go Down
Thanks and Remarks
End the Washington Monument (Blinks) Goodnight
Air Conditions/This Are Flashes
Recreation Myth
Black Plastic Bag
Soft Pyramids/X-Polynation
A Line in the Sand
So Many Animal Calls (encore)

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P.S. If the levels are off, and if the crowd noise is too loud, well...you're just too picky.

NOTE: ID3 Tags repaired as/of 8:16 PM EST


darwin said...

The ID3 tags are all broken, too..

Thanks for the post, though.


Canowine said...

Oops, sorry! I'll work on that.

Canowine said...

Done! Now that I've listened to it in my car, I think needs a bass boost.