Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Goin to my baby's house with my .44 in my hand

Barrelhouse pianist Mose Vinson harked back to the pre-war tradition to put his own stamp on 44 Blues (mp3), waxed on September 9, 1953 with Joe Hill Louis firing off a guitar solo commensurate with Vinson's unveiled verbal threats. Born in Holly Springs, Miss. on June 2, 1917, Mose did two sessions for [Memphis label's Sam] Phillips a few months apart, but none of his efforts was released at the time, and he wouldn't record again for another 16 years or so.

Pianist Billy "The Kid" farewell to the label with a sly Little Fine Healthy Thing (mp3) that would constitute half his last Sun single.

-From the CD booklet for Sun Records: 25 Rare Blues Classics.

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