Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rick Springfield on Hot Baths and Beautiful Women Under the Milky Way

It's Wednesday, and by now you're kicking yourself because it's the day after yesterday (new release day) and you forgot to buy the latest Rick Springfield album, "The Day After Yesterday." Which is today. Of course, yesterday (figuratively), he couldn't possibly have made this album of covers, because he was cool. Observe:

A lot has changed since he pined for Jessie's Girl. For one thing, he is morphing into JC Chasez. Compare:


JC, JC, JC, and JC, as reflective as he's going to get

Go ahead, laugh. Just remember, you know he's getting way more tang than you.

And this is where his musical evolution has taken him: here are two of your favorite songs from the 80's, covered by Rick Springfield. They are so totally flipping righteously awesome you might never listen to the originals again. They're even good enough to have been background music for those General Hospital scenes, when his Noah Drake and nurse Bobbi Spencer made the daytime screen sweat with their scorching hotness.

Human (Human League cover) (mp3)
Under the Milky Way (Church cover) (mp3)


SugarDuck said...

Springfield should have just done a Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles and disappeared from public view, leaving only the beautiful 80s fantasy. You're right he IS turning into JC Chasez.

Canowine said...

Heartthrobs. Thanks to them, all "normal" men are doomed to be so much less than the platonic ideal of "MAN," i.e. Brad Pitt. Fuckers. Jake Ryan wouldn't have lasted a week at my High School.

SugarDuck said...

that sucks for you guys. us women are so lucky because nobody ever holds us up to unfair expectations.

Canowine said...

Hey, I'm just speaking out for the dudes who have heard ladies complain about the scarcity of "good men." And by good men they mean guys who resemble gods AND are oblivious to the sea of tanned cleavage at the mall.

It seemed that with the Jake Ryan thing, all you ever heard or read was the female point of view. You know, "My Jake Ryan is coming," or "Jake Ryan does not exist because men suck," etc. etc.

I get the female point of view regarding male expectations. I saw "Beautiful Girls," and the whole bit about how men expect ladies to have bootie AND bosoms, and at the same time, lack a visible waist, and love beer and sports, and be just a little stupider than we are...something like that.

I won't deny that the Jake (and Jill) Ryans exist. They're out there inspiring awe in their partners with their shining perfection. They're also probably boring as white bread.

SugarDuck said...

They wouldn't be boring, that is part of their perfection.

Actually, I always found the Jake Ryan character bland and was surprised to find out he had such a following. I do think the actor who played him was smart to disappear and not hang around trying to stay in show business. I've probably jinxed it and now he'll show up on the Surreal Life or Celebrity Poker, bloated and wrinkly, or worse, suspiciously smoothfaced.