Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Top Baby Names

Here's a list that never goes out of style, the way names on it do: The Top 100 Baby Names Lists. What are people naming their kids these days, in their attempts to avoid the plain and common?

The top ten boys' names for 2004 are:

1. Ethan
2. Jacob
3. Aidan/Aiden
4. Ryan
5. Tyler
6. Matthew
7. Joshua
8. Nicholas
9. Michael
10. Andrew

The top ten girls' names are:

1. Madison
2. Emma
3. Emily
4. Hailey/Haley
5. Alexis
6. Olivia
7. Alyssa
8. Kaitlyn/Caitlin/Caitlyn
9. Isabella
10. Hannah


litmaven said...

It is interesting that typically about half of the top ten boy names are of Biblical origin, while it is now uncommon for more than one or two girls names of similar origin to make it in into the top ten.

Canowine said...

And that is why the boys of tomorrow will be so much better behaved than the girls. Except for the ones named Ashton.