Wednesday, January 26, 2005

mp3 - Trailer Bride

There's nothing groundbreaking about this track from Hope Is a Thing With Feathers (2003), but it does something to me. It's Melissa Swingle's voice, soft and drawling, yet carrying echoes of harsh experience. She reminds me of Mary's Danish, just a little. I want to classify this as "dirty southern rock." Or sweaty. How about grimy? The guitars here are certainly harsh and grimy. Trailer Bride are from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but there's more of the Carolina than the Chapel Hill in there. I think she sums it all up in half a verse: "It's like runnin' on electric when you're thirstin' for gasoline." Trailer Bride smothers us with the gasoline.

Trailer Bride - Skinny White Girl (mp3)


RC666 said...

Wow, not really my kind of music but I still enjoyed it. It was a very unique sound. I figured I had to hear a song called skinny white girl, since I am a skinny white boy.

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