Monday, January 10, 2005

Boink! in Boston

The Sunday Washington Post had this article on Boink!, an independent porn...correction... sex...oh, wait, it is porn, but without all the connotation, magazine run by Boston University students. Editor Alecia Oleyourryk wants to outdo Harvards more pretentious, Ivy League sex mag, H Bomb (Warning! Nothing to see here but nude ivy leaguers!! You dirty people!). According to Bared in Boston,

Oleyourryk and Anderson promise more nudity than Harvard delivered -- naughty bits and everything. Faces, too. (Many of the models in Harvard's magazine didn't want their faces shown. Something about wanting careers.) The Harvard editor says her magazine isn't porn, that it serves as "a rebellion against all of our porn-saturated popular culture." Boink has a different ethos.

"It is porn," Oleyourryk says. "There's nothing wrong with porn. Porn has such a negative connotation."

That's right, go back to the first paragraph--Oleyourryk's first name is Alecia. As in female. I hope she has an unlisted number.

Here's more:

"We can do whatever we want," Oleyourryk says.

Oleyourryk, 21, felt it would be hypocritical for her not to pose for Boink while asking others to, so she did two photo shoots with a 20-year-old student named Erica Blom. She and Blom didn't know each other before they started working on the magazine, but during the first photo shoot they got to know each other more via a kissing session. Oleyourryk says it felt weird and she tried to imagine Blom as a boy.

"I've kissed my friends before but not passionately," she says. "Just like, 'Hey, we're drunk and betcha if we kiss, he'll give us a free beer.' "

More likely he'll spill the one he has all over his pants.


The magazine's prospective cover came out of the women's second photo session, when they'd apparently gotten to know each other even better. In it, Oleyourryk is wearing only a pair of frilly red panties and her hand is wandering down Blom's torso.

Go BU! Beat Harvard.

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