Monday, January 31, 2005

Scene From a Theater

This is the part with the flashback that will explain it all. The back story. Faster than it will unfold over the years through my words and deeds, faster than it will be conveyed in my stingy revelations and incomplete confessions. This plot is the balloon that slips out of a chubby kid’s fingers and swims away. Nature calls. What will you miss during the trip to the restroom. The important clue or meaningful glance you’ve waited your whole life for. Something flickering ten feet high on the screen and impossible to misunderstand. Make a break for the exit light and sprinkle Excuse me and Thank you along the way. When she gets back, she asks, What did I miss? and he whispers, Nothing.

- Colson Whitehead, Down in Front, Granta, Summer 2004


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