Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Debbie Gibson Wants You to Shake Your Love

DEBORAH GIBSON (perhaps still more famously known as '80s teen queen pop princess Debbie Gibson) has gone the way of so many and shed her clothes for Playboy. The March issue hits newsstands Feb 11.

Deborah, 34, has made some significant, successful strides in separating herself from her teen image. But apparently these changes are not significant enough...The layout, which shows a "well-defined, yet very sexy, feminine look," coincides with a new single titled "Naked."

- from Pop princess of the '80s bares all for Playboy in the Baltimore Sun

link via Largehearted Boy

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, Deb-Ski, a popular Deborah Gibson fansite run by the creepily dedicated Dariusz "Ski," had this news bit way back on Jan 11:

Submitted on: 11 January 2005 at 07:40:29 GMT
In a secret still not being officially released (except to paying fanclub members of the official Deborah website), the worst kept secret has been confirmed.

Deborah Gibson has sold out, and decided to pose for Playboy magazine... yes, that means there will be real nude photographs of Deborah.

As a protest, this website will be taken down. The when and how and for how long I do not know because I have not decided (I may even dump the site completely). This is the only way I can protest about this terrible decision of Deborah's.

To that end, I would like to apologise to the fans that visit this site. I know how popular this site is.

Tragic. Oh, wait...

Submitted on: 24 January 2005 at 08:59:41 GMT
I have decided that I will not be pulling this website as a protest against Deborah's decision to pose in the "adult" magazine.

Instead I will be writing an open letter onto this website.

My thanks go to the supporters of this site who have asked me to carry on with it, also the people who have heaped lots of personal and immature attacks and insults (mostly anonymously) at me, for coming up with this decision.

Carry on, "ski." You'll make it through this trying time.


Arethusa said...

Someone has to keep the fan flame for Debbie Gibson alive.

RC666 said...

Hell I thought she was dead until she popped on American Idol as a guest judge. Even then I was like Deborah Gibson, hmmmm that name sounds familiar. Oh yeah I think she was that slightly famous singer chic. Trying to be grown up now going from Debbie to Deborah. And how the hell is posing for playboy selling out? It helps get her a little more publicity, all famous sexy women should do it.

SugarDuck said...

It's selling out because her image was she was a nice girl who was about the music. Supposedly she wrote her own songs. Her rival Tiffany was the skanky Playboy-posing type. Why do I remember this? I'm going to go kill myself now.

We are all missing the point here, which is, who wants to see Debbie Gibson naked? That is going to be gross. She wasn't hot to begin with, and I believe she is now well into her thirties.

Canowine said...

Arethusa: I thought that fan flame died long ago.

RC666: She is selling out. Selling out is relying on something other than your artistic talent to make your cash. Though I suppose it can be argued, mostly by pervs, that posing can be artistic, and is a talent.

SugarDuck: I suppose we'll have to wait until the issue comes out to see who wants to see her naked. I suspect a lot of people are going to be curious in the same way that one is curious about looking about a dead bird. Okay, maybe it's not really quite like that. But I'll wager that for RC666 it is.

P.S. RC666: You are a perv and might want to consider gouging an eye out.

Arethusa said...

I think we're alone now...there doesn't seem to be anyone arooooooound.

Great cover Debbie! She was the one who did it right, and not Tiffany?

SugarDuck said...

No that cover was by Tiffany.
I hate myself for knowing that.

Canowine said...

Yes, that was Tiffany, and that cover hit #1. She also helped start two important fads: acid washed jeans (along with the sizzling Samantha Fox, who, by the way, is the namesake for the X-Files' Fox Mulder and his sister Samantha), and taking your mom to court. Long live Tiffany.

Hey Sugarduck, what bridge was that that you were going to jump off of, and what time?

RC666 said...

HAHAHA, now your back to pop drivel. God you guys make me sick. Who cares, the nation is going to see her naked.

Arethusa said...

Oh. Sorry Debbie, I don't know any of your songs but I'm sure they were great!

Canowine said...

Arethusa: consider yourself blessed.

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