Friday, January 14, 2005

Children for sale

Children for sale.

After such a devastating act of nature, God, science or whatever, how could predators move in to hurt children left homeless and hungry and vulnerable?

The incomprehensible becomes more horrible as we read reports of child smugglers and pedophiles preying on the devastated areas after the Indian Ocean tsunami. An e-mail advertises that hundreds of children orphaned by the water are now available for sale or rent.

Yet those who have long worked in disaster zones say human predators are part of a pattern. The natural disaster strikes, people die, people mourn, compassion and aid roll in -- and so do the predators.

It raises questions about the nature of humanity and its capacity for evil, for wickedness.

- For Small Survivors, A Cruel New World

By DeNeen L. Brown


HANS said...

This made me want to kill myself. That's so fucking terrible.

Canowine said...

It makes me sick, too. There are ugly people in the world, but I believe that most people are good.

There are several organizations that have volunteers trying to find orphans and take them to shelters that are funded with donations, such as CARE, UNICEF, and Save the Children. You can find volunteer and donation opportunities at If you don't have a lot to give, you can always conduct a fundraiser.