Thursday, January 06, 2005

mp3s - Eleni Mandell

A review says of Eleni Mandell's Afternoon (2004):

Her music infuses alt-rock with a torch singer's sensibility and a punk's edge. While it's tempting to put Eleni Mandell into a box, like "noir-lounge" or "punk crooner," even odd and outside categories like these don't satisfy. Yes, she croons, and there's that lounge sensibility, and she is dark and edgy, but she also sings country with a Haggard heart and her terrific, concise writing is consistently compelling. It's as if she writes an unspoken question or a pregnant space into each song or character, making them profound, but not inaccessible, buzzing with tension, but not without dry humor--reminiscent of Tom Waits, whom she claims as an early influence.

Pretty much right on. Listen to these clever little gems:

Eleni Mandell - Afternoon (mp3)
Eleni Mandell - Can't You See I'm Soulful (mp3)

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