Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ten Frank Black Singalongs, Song 8: She Took All The Money

Okay, so this is not exactly "Frank Black," and some may give me a generous eyeroll when I call a song that came out on this year's scorching Bluefinger "enduring." But those who have heard it will nod their heads in perfect agreement. Of Francis' wife, Violet Clark (who sings background in this song), drummer Jason Carter said:

She's a capable rock and roller on her own, and she brought a very cool element to the record. The background vocals for 'She Took All the Money' were recorded at the breakfast table, while the kids were eating! They synched right up to the song, too. She sang at the first show, and has been to a few since, but she's expecting another baby, and didn't feel up to performing. But we don't sound as good as she does on the backing vocals!
(from this Redbrick interview)

You might wish that the couple team up for a special project. And your wish may come true. They are working on a project called "Grand Duchy." You can find a leaked track, "Fort Wayne," out there in the 'sphere.

Black Francis (with Violet Clark) - She Took All The Money (mp3)

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