Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nellie McKay on The Current

Nellie McKay went a-caroling for Minnesota Public Radio's The Current today, gleefully filling the studio with holiday cheer. You can feel the spirit of the season oozing out of her. You can't not smile during "A Christmas Dirge." Whatever she's saying, the piano music and vocal melody are so incredibly charmingly Christmassy.

So think about her when you go home and look at your axed tree, every needle illuminated by 1000 bright bulbs, plugged in and turned on between now and 2008. But it sure does smell fine, doesn't it. And that deer made of lights and wire that acts like it's eating something on the ground, but really it's sucking on nothing but oil, and hell, if it were real you'd probably shoot it and eat it, unless it were Santa's.

As she exclaims at the end of one of these songs, "Merry Christmas!"

Nellie McKay - Live on The Current (12-11-2007)(mp3s):

Mother of Pearl
A Christmas Dirge
Take Me Away

Donate to the Nellie McKay Disaster Fund on her website.

Own Obligatory Villagers, which I reviewed in an earlier post after dribbling some nonsense about the Poconos.

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