Monday, December 17, 2007

The Return Of Imperial Teen (Live, on the Radio)

The last time I went to an Imperial Teen live show was in the late-90's, when they were supporting What Is Not To Love. They were great. Now, I'm not positive about this, but I think I might have accidentally drank somebody else's beer at that show. If you recall having lost a beer at one of their shows at either the Black Cat or the 9:30 Club, I apologize and owe you one.

Now that that's out of the way, and my conscience is clean, you can stop your mental math and just read on.

Imperial Teen made a triumphant return this year with the release of The Hair the TV the Baby & the Band, and it was a treat to hear a rare in-studio radio performance by them on Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic show on WFMU this weekend.

Imperial Teen - Live on WFMU (12-15-2007) (mp3s):

Do It Better
Fallen Idol
Shim Sham
Room With A View

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