Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ten Frank Black Singalongs, Song 6: Dog Gone

I could not pray
I felt so dog gone
Couldn't get no witness but I did not know
Then a voice in a whisper said you've got to carry it on

Why carry "it" on, why not just "carry on"? Carry what on? And whose whisper? The narrator's?

And the news is gonna break
And the news is gonna break
Yeah, your noose is gonna break when I am there

No Paris
No Nepal
No Barstow
Won't be none of them at all

No Congo
No Kish or Kishangargh
No Memphis
It doesn't matter who you are

The news/noose is gonna break when you are where, then?

Ahhhh, the mysteries, the ambiguity...and the gorgeous somber tone of the song.

In an interview, Frank Black said that Dog Gone was inspired by religious music, though the theme of this song is not religious.

Frank Black - Dog Gone (mp3)

From Frank Black and the Catholics.

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