Monday, December 31, 2007

Ten Frank Black Singalongs, Song 10: Oddball

Let's complete this 10-song series with an anthem of sorts. It's Oddball, and though it might not really be, it's about Frank Black fans.

In between the matter I would fall
Like the notes between the chords of this song
Impossibilities would be great
I could attend I would not be late
For the gathering of the society of the

Though everybody's different
I might as well be all alone if I'm not
'Cause time between the oddballs is so very long

"The gathering of the society of the oddballs" is like attending a Frank Black concert. We won't be late - we oddballs want the whole 3+ hours of sweat and noise.

It also occurred to me that this might describe pockets of the Times Square gathering tonight.

Frank Black - Oddball (mp3)

From the Headache single.

Happy New Year!

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