Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pretty Little Heads On The Shelf

Almost two weeks ago, the music headlines screamed "Nellie Mckay Splits With Columbia," because there were apparently too many notes on the album as she intended it, and Sony wanted to tell her which ones to take out. Yesterday, like a pissed-off McDonald's manager, Columbia pulls the "You can't quit because I'm firing you" move. Or maybe a better analogy is: like an angry husband who has just been left, Columbia declared that it wants a divorce, and it's keeping the records, dammit. After all, Columbia reportedly told Mckay that Pretty Little Heads will not be distributed.

It's a tragic break-up, and so, fittingly, here is what might be the most tragic lament of personal loss since, ummm, Pink Floyd's "Don't Leave Me Now"(?):

Nellie Mckay - I Am Nothing (mp3)

So, 23 songs, no album. Where does that leave us fans, who have been anticipating the CD for ever-so-long? We know they exist and we want them. And yeah, I'm REALLY talking about the 7 songs not on the advance copy. Ideas, anyone? E-mail me!

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