Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Performances by Go! Team! Rocky Votolato! The Elected!

There was an orgy of interesting in-studio performances at KEXP and KCRW yesterday. KEXP hosted Rocky Votolato and The Elected, and KCRW had a recording of the Go! Team.

Since it took a long time to save, convert, and upload these mp3s, all I'll say is you won't be disappointed.

The Go! Team - Live MBE performance at KCRW (mp3s)

Huddle Formation
Junior Kickstart
Bottle Rocket
The Power Is On
We Just Won't Be Defeated
The Icestorm
Hold Yr Terror

Rocky Votolato - Live@KEXP (mp3s)

White Daisy Passing
Portland is Leaving
She Was Only In It For The Rain
The Night's Disguise

The Elected - Live@KEXP (mp3s)

Would You Come With Me
Sun Sun Sun
Bank and Trust

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