Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Around the World in a Locomotive

Speaking of travel, bold new directions, and overlooked music from last year, Alex Schippenbach, Aki Takase, and DJ Illvibe gave us an hour-long spring tour of planet earth in their daring Lok 03. From the Splendid review:

There are a few ways to experience a journey across the world. One is simply to take it -- but unless you've just cashed in your ten year-old Microsoft options, that trip might put you on the short road to Chapter 7. The trio behind Lok 03 took another route by creating their own excursion -- one that will take you further than you imagined.

World-renowned husband-and-wife pianists Alex Schippenbach and Aki Takase, and adopted musical stepchild Dj (sic) Illvibe, pull together their resources -- piano, percussion, turntable, trumpet -- to simulate a train ride (Lok, as in locomotive) in which each new track explores one of twenty different and disparate locations, from Oklahoma to Utrecht to Caracas to Osaka.

Here are their trips to Detroit and Osaka.

Detroit (mp3)
Osaka (mp3)

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