Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Minus 5 on Life

As I mentioned a few days ago, the new Minus 5 CD, The Gun Album, will be out very soon.

Here is evidence that it's a definite buy:

Leftover Life to Kill (mp3) starts with hints of vintage Teenage Fanclub, with a grumbling, sinister guitar, which holds you down throughout, as the downer lyrics are spat into your ear: More than fate/when your dreams don't coagulate/and the ones you love/hate you for good reasons. At about 2:20, a instrument comes in - it's an organ combined with electric guitar combined with bagpipes. What's the name for that? The bagorgtar? And then something else distorted comes in before the final assault begins. The final chorus ends with about a minute left to kill, and kill it they do. You suspect that this is the way Minus 5 would take it to that leftover life.

My Life As A Creep (mp3) sounds maybe or maybe not like Travelling Wilburys meets Brian Wilson meets piano-based George Harrison, and when you listen you'll realize that's not a bad thing. The songwriting is dim, but with a touch of hope: I just hope one day/you'll understand/I'm not supremely evil/and I can be better than I am.

Pre-order The Gun Album here and receive a bonus hand-made CD-R with two exclusive mp3s.

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