Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ConFinnuously Dark

There's so much to say about last year's CD, Yha Hamaraa, from the Finnish Christian band, Paavoharju.

Boomkat says, "This is the album Ariel Pink wished he could produce, the album that sent Brian Wilson over the edge, the promised collision of worldwide styles that keeps evading every artist as they suddenly qualify for arts funding. It’s easy to point the finger of influence at Paavoharju but impossible to name peers, they are a band which truly stands alone."

Even the first listen won't leave you alone, without first begging for interpretation. The album title means "Continuously Dark," and appropriately: it's spiritual and mysterious, often clouded in a diaphanous fog of gentle static. At times it's like trying to hear a whisper on a demagnetized tape on an archaic cassette player. At other times what you hear is as clear as water dripping into a wooden bucket, but what does it mean?

Maybe that's the point. It was made for you to interpret, for you to listen to and not read about.

paavoharju - yhä hämärää - syvyys (mp3)
paavoharju - yhä hämärää - ilmaa virtaa (mp3)

Listen and buy here.

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