Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pornographers Live

Maybe I should change the name of this blog to "The Rip."

Here are mp3s of the The New Pornographers' live Sounds Eclectic set, which aired Sunday on KCRW. They played it with all the passion and enthusiasm that you'd expect. Neko Case sounds magnificent on The Bones of an Idol, and the music on that track is a refreshing update. And the "listening too long to one song" harmonization in Spanish Techno is bliss. And then there's the irresistable melody in the Streets of Fire intro. The entire broadcast is here (real player required).

Twin Cinema
Use It
The Bleeding Heart Show
Jackie Dressed In Cobras
The Bones of an Idol
Spanish Techno
Streets of Fire

By the way, a helpful hint: don't listen to these at work, because network security might not take too friendly to the word "pornographers."

Own Twin Cinema. (Or you can get it from Best Buy for 7.99. But should you? Sheesh!)

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Note: My server was down the day I posted these. They should work now. Please let me know if they don't.

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