Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bubblegum Dolly

Take your mental image of Dolly Parton, and age-regress that image until you see a sprightly, energetic 20-year old future starlet, two years out of high school. Now imagine her singing bubblegum pop, shaking her hips and begging you to remain in her life, like an endowed American Idol contestant on an old black & white console. Too weird? Nope, not too weird. She was originally promoted as a bubblegum pop star after signing with Monument Records in 1965. She sounded like this:

Dolly Parton - Don't Drop Out (mp3)

What would Simon have said?

Here's something equally clap-along-able. I love the way the drums and hand claps play with one another.

The Angels - Adore Him (mp3)

Both songs from the One Kiss Leads To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found compilation .

Still got that image of young Dolly in your head? Fix it by listening to this:

Dolly parton - In the ghetto (mp3)

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