Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Weekly Cheese

I tried to post a crap song yesterday, but the one I was looking for, which shall remain unnamed, is apparently so bad that it has disintegrated from cyberspace and left no trace.

Donny Osmond, Captain of Cheesy Cliche

So, I'm left with no choice but to leave you with this shiny gem from a teen idol and role model extraordinaire: Donny Osmond. If being a great role model correlated with making good music...well, if only. He is a rebel, though, and he has a heart made of stone. That's how these awesomely original lyrics go, anyway:

So you heard that I'm a rebel with a heart made of stone.
I got a restless spririt that nobody can own.
If a picture tells a story won't you listen to mine,
I'm searching for the answer but it's so hard to find.

You'll see much deeper when you read between the lines,
'cause there's a fire burning in my eye.

Like a thief in the night, who can't get enough,
I am willing to fight,
'cause I'm a soldier of love.
Like a shot in the dark when the going gets rough,
I'ts a state of the heart
when you're a soldier of love.

I'm willing to fight.

The lyrics speak for themselves, and so I have nothing to add, except for the mp3, for your listening pleasure.

Donny Osmond - Soldier of Love (mp3)

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