Saturday, November 05, 2005

Annoying Word of the Day

I'm pleased to announce a new feature on the Smudge: The Annoying Word Of The Day. It will be an adjective (most of the time) that is likely trendy and overused, and ought to be stabbed and sent directly to The Big Lexicon in the Sky. Words that might make you want to gag yourself. Words that that guy who says "in a nutshell" or "modus operandi" in office meetings might use.

This feature might not last long. In fact, today might be the first and last edition.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Today's word is:


As in:

Ooh look, it's turning into Indie Pop Day here at Pitchfork News! Rose Melberg's back in action, the Clientele are spicing up their vinyl with free MP3s, and now twee gods/goddesses Belle and Sebastian have announced a tour in support of their forthcoming album, The Life Pursuit. Alas, only British and Irish dates have been scheduled as yet, so us B&S fans across the pond will have to keep tugging on the sleeves of our cardigans in anticipation.
(from Pitchfork)

This feature is inspired by Slim Clady, who went on a quest for adjectives to replace "awesome" earlier this week.

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