Wednesday, December 08, 2004

mp3s - Okay

Marty Anderson is Okay. Well, really he's brilliant...his one-man band is named "Okay." Okay's debut double album, Low Road and High Road, is due out in March 2005. "Now" is a subtle pop reminder that you are not in control, and there's not a whole lot you can do about it. It begins with some strummed chords reminiscent of a Yo la Tengo progression, and his raspy, yet inviting voice. Then there's an octave-hopping guitar melody that dances around the strummed chords, and then suddenly, the song gets really interesting. "Compass," an mp3 posted on Okay's website, is a melancholy meditation on the confusion of loss.

Okay - Now (mp3 from Low Road)
Okay - Compass (mp3 from High Road)


Anonymous said...

hi, i would love to here that "now" mp3. i can't wait the new album and i've had "compass" on my computer for quite a while now but i believe something is wrong with the now mp3. maybe someone could check it out. thanks.

Canowine said...

I removed it around the second week of December. I try to leave stuff up for around 7 days and then remove it. Send an e-mail message to and I'll reply with the attached mp3 file, or just let me know if you prefer a repost.