Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Electrelane mp3s

Electrelane is recording the follow-up to their acclaimed 2nd album from this year, The Power Out. According to their website:

Happy New Year


We are currently at Electrical Audio in Chicago recording our third album. It's going really well and we are enjoying being here again. The album will probably be released in mid-May 2005, and after that we will be touring extensively in the UK, Europe, USA and hopefully in Japan and Australia too.

Until then, some riffy, noisy mp3s from their website and from The Wire online:

Gabriel (mp3) from Rock it to the Moon
On Parade (mp3) from Power Out

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HANS said...

I traded in my copy of The Power Out yesterday. Truth is, I listened to it a couple times, thought I liked it but then couldn't get myself to listen to it again because anytime I tried, I'd get really REALLY bored.