Monday, December 06, 2004

mp3 - Anne Summers - No Fun (music for the proud slacker)

I ran into Anne Summers singer and guitarist Andrew Pontano in CDepot in College Park, Maryland, years ago. He told me to bring as many friends as I could to their show at the Black Cat that weekend. I regrettably never made it myself, and apparently, not enough people made it or bought enough of their records to keep them around. And so another hard-working independent-label band with good material disappears into that void that lies beyond the bargain bin.

No Fun is the tenth track from their first album, "the dandy." The lyrics perfectly capture the desire to sit and rot, forced upon us by the cold, short, lethargic days of winter:

Why don't you leave me alone
I'm in no mood for you this evening
Don't you call me on the phone
Leave me alone
God, you're getting old
And boring

I don't want to see a movie
Or go dancing, I'm too tired
I just want to sit at home
And watch the game
Drink a couple beers
And get loaded

Ant that's about as deep as these boys get on this record. But then, that's exactly the point. So here it is, my gift for the determinedly unmotivated:

Anne Summers - No Fun (mp3)

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