Wednesday, December 22, 2004

mp3 - Mendoza Line

I don't do twang as much as I used to, whether it's country, bluegrass, alt-country, alt-bluegrass, whatever. It seems that every year I listen to even less than the year before. The Mendoza Line, of Athens, GA, is one of the few twangy bands I've listened to this year, maybe because the twang on this year's LP, Fortune, is more embellishment than centerpiece. It's a solid album; the songs are catchy and spirited, the solos are inspired, and well, they're just so likeable. This track, it's a long time (but it moves quickly), is a pop-rock gem featuring Shannon McCardle sounding a lot like Liz Phair at her sassiest.

Mendoza Line - it's a long line (but it moves quickly) (mp3)

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