Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Blogs Are Forever. Maybe Not Yours, But In General.

Another meditation on the blognomenon, from the Independent.

From "Have you read the one about me?", in the Independent online:

Anyone can keep an on-line diary - and now 4 million of us do. Michael Bywater explores the desire to share our deepest secrets and dullest moments with the world. And why millions more bother to read them.


...the blog is here to stay - although it might just have reached the critical mass at which any internet activity ceases to be cool. If you haven't encountered a blog yet, you can't have been on the net. They are everywhere: daily (or weekly, or intermittent) diaries of observations, carpings, epiphanies, happenstance and dull self-examination.

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SugarDuck said...

WHy are we seeing so many stories about blogs these days? There is usually a note of dismay or contempt in them. Are the opinion columnists worried that bloggers are horning in on the uninformed opinions, speculation and gossip racket?