Thursday, July 22, 2004


Your ancestors would be proud if you downloaded the 9/11 Commission Report and read it instead of downloading MP3s or porn today. There, there...the MP3s and porn will still be there tomorrow.

While you're at it, you can find out all about the Committee on the Present Danger here. Their mission statement:
The Committee on the Present Danger is dedicated to winning the global war on terrorism. We are a bipartisan organization from the policy, political, academic, business and professional communities committed to resisting and defeating terrorist organizations, ending collusion between rogue regimes and terrorists, and supporting reform in regions that threaten to export terror.

Our mission is to educate the American people about the threat posed by a global Islamist terror movement; to counsel against appeasement and accommodation with terrorists; and to build support for a strategy of decisive victory against this menace not only to the United States, but to democracy and freedom everywhere.

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