Friday, July 23, 2004

Don't Believe Me?

I know that some of you may think the Hives are posers. But if you don't believe me when I tell you they rocked the hair out of our follicles, look here and here. Sniff out some tickets any way you can.

Also, we can witness the boys in a shameless act of self-promotion this Sunday night on Subterranean. I'm as much a naysayer as anyone on MTV's content, but give them credit for showing the Madvillain, k-os, and Felix da Housecat videos.


HANS said...

They showed a Madvillain video on MTV?? That's insane.They definitely deserve credit for THAT ONE. I'm not diggin the new Hives, but I wouldn't call them posers either.

Canowine said...

Yeah, and the Madvillain video is stinking good, too. It's just too bad you have to stay up until 12:30 AM on a Sunday to watch it.