Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Fell in Love With a Hound

Jack White channels demons through his vintage red Airline. They scream out and chill the air between our speakers and ears, and leave a buzz in what was empty space. From what depths does White summon these voices? Perhaps he is a ghost himself; with his ivory face and tangled ragged hair, he appears to be the spirit of a confederate son. I hear the same voices howling when I listen to Hound Dog Taylor and his Houserockers. Alligator Records released "Release the Hound," a 2004 collection of his raw chicago blues. When you listen to "Wild About You, Baby," see if you can taste the smoke and liquor at the Smiling Dog Saloon in Cleveland, and feel your forearms press against the bare wood at the bar.

Download: "Wild About You, Baby" (1974) from Release the Hound

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