Monday, July 26, 2004

My Neighbors Are From Sao Paulo

And so is Cibelle. Finally, after listening to so many ho-hum indiepop mp3s today, I came across something interesting to listen to, courtesy of The Suburbs Are Killing Us. Waiting and No Prego are tracks from Cibelle's self-titled debut album. She's yet another Brazilian neo-bossa nova songstress. Envelop yourself in her warm rhythms. I missed her show tonight, but I'll make up for it when The Keoki and I see Bebel Gilberto at the 9:30 next month.

From Cibelle's website:
Cibelle - who wrote all but one of the album's tunes - downplays the conscious elements in her music in favour of chance, love and inspiration. "We don't just have bossa and samba in Brazil, we have loads of rhythms," she says. "I say it's like cooking; you get all these different elements and you just play about with them."


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