Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Linda Ronstadt on Michael Moore and the Lyric of the Day

She says she's going to keep praising him because it's an election year. How is this news? Does anyone give a half-shit what Linda Ronstadt thinks about Michael Moore?? Apparently so. Look at the message board threads at the bottom of the story.

Today's appropriate lyric of the day is from Beck's Pay No Mind:

Tonight the city is full of morgues
And all the toilets are overflowing
There's shopping malls coming out of the walls
As we walk out among the manure

That's why
I pay no mind


Anonymous said...

Great song. I think Mellow Gold might be my favorite Beck album.

Canowine said...


"Pay No Mind" is my theme song when it seems the earth is full of trash and idiots. Mellow Gold is my favorite, too, when I'm in that kind of mood.