Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Final Fantasy memories.

You also heard Final Fantasy first here at the Smudge, back on the first of February of 2005, two days after his debut at the 9:30 Club, and well before the release of his debut album. I remember people in the crowd jockeying for position, and asking each other, "Have you ever heard of 'Final Fantasy'?" And the answer, "No, never heard of 'them.'" And then this frail androgynous blond fellow takes the stage with a violin, and the crowd expecting something artsy-fartsy, abstract, and frankly boring. And then he started playing, looping, in an intense state of concentration, and doing things never before done, and lo, it was glorious. The first "Holy Shit" and the first "Damn" exclamations came well before The Arcade Fire took the stage.

Anyway. Memories.

These days Owen Pallet touring and spending time with people like the public servants at La Blogotheque, "running and playing violin in the empty streets of Paris."

Watch the videos and download the mp4s here.

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