Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Ditty Bops, Live on WNKU, 9-3-2007

The Ditty Bops played these three new songs for WNKU on Sept 3rd:

Skinny Bones
We Like It (Because We Do)
Pack Rat

Listen to the entire show, including interview, here (mp3).

Not sure about the title of the second song, but you'll find it on their forthcoming album, which has already been recorded and is waiting release. The third song is available on their limited-edition EP, Pack Rat, which you can buy here, along with The Ditty Bops 2008 Save The World Bikini Calendar. The band proclaimed the first song as "exclusive" to WNKU, but here they are, caught on YouTube, playing it for Minnesota Public Radio's The Current:

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