Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Mika is unturndownable and unturnoffable. In fact--and it is a fact--you can't listen to him without turning the volume up. His pop compositions have all the right things in exactly the right places as he Freddy Mercuries and Prince Rogers Nelsons his way up and down the octaves. And on top of that, he's so seemingly honest. You hear it in his lyrics, and you feel it in this autobio from his Myspace:

I was born in lebanon and rasied in Paris and London, hopping from country to country like a footloose hippy with my four brothers and sisters.

Coming from different background to most I found no place at school and delved into music from an early age. I started writing songs as a kid, not because of grand ambitions but because it was an easy way to tell a story, a joke and often the truth. Tell the truth in a song and people are less pissed off than if you were to say it to their face.

I sent out my stories to anyone and everyone, not surprisingly I often got no reply. The further I got into music the more attention I was getting for my own song writing, I made a choice last year and decided to go for it...

Mika - Happy Ending (mp3)
Mika - Grace Kelly (asx stream)

Listen to more Mika at his Myspace and on the Mika e-card.

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Jiant said...

i like new albums of mika,,
his vocalist voice is so great!