Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BoySkout - Live at The Talking Head, 20 Nov 06

Christina, Piper, Leslie, and Ingrid want you to do a bad deed.

Looking for a rock show to energize you to the bone, something more Hives than Hem? Go see BoySkout. Watching their live show is like getting laid. I saw them with my friends Randy and Uncle Tom (if you were there, we were The Three Obviously Straight Guys) on Monday night, and I'm still buzzing and smitten. The San Francisco girl group jolted the small crowd at Baltimore's Talking Head Club with some hard feminine electricity. I read good things about their live shows, but I didn't expect to be sold, heart and soul, at a late-late night Monday show in a venue the size of my living room.

It all started before they took stage, with the bandmembers warming each other up by frolicking like Hobbits during performances from androgynous opening acts Pariah Piranha, The Degenerettes, and Baby Aspirin. Singer Leslie Satterfield, keyboardist & violinist Christina Stanley, and guitarist Ingrid Dahl (also of the band Lismore) danced in every corner of the club, brushed up on or touched almost everyone in the venue at least once, shared more than a few kisses with each other, and copped more than a few generous feels. Unbeknownst to the crowd, this behavior boosted its collective arousal, like feeding chum to a school of fish.

This went on for hours, a long and cruel tease. They didn't start playing until after midnight. But once they started I was wide awake. Leslie was fantastic. She has that rare ability to sing in a downcast style with clarity, like Elastica's Justine Frischmann. Christina and Ingrid are the band's sex appeal and presence. Their perfect smiles are pure innocence, but their eyes are the yang to the yin, sending the message: "I'm bad news." Their play is feverish and furious. Bassist Piper Lewine and their drummer held it all together with rhythmic power, and it held together for the entire set.

Mayhem ensued when the band requested that the crowd remove their shirts before the encore. Predictably, the drunk people up in front of the stage did just that, and became a mass of bobbing boobs and man-boobs. The mostly sober people paid almost no attention to them, though, because Christina stole the crowd's attention and sent it into a frenzy when she laid into her plugged-in violin with orgasmic fervor during their untitled closing song.

After leaving a BoySkout show, there's only one question for the remainder of the night: snuggle or just sleep?

Boyskout - Spotlight (mp3)
Boyskout - Untitled (mp3)

Stream the BoySkout e-Card, where you can also buy Another Life, which was one of my 20 favorite albums of this year.

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