Monday, November 13, 2006

Captain Amazing

The Lame Drivers are Matt Lemay, Joe Posner, and Jason Sigal of Get Him Eat Him, with guitarist Kevin Sparks. The Rhode Island quartet's 2005 Captain Amazing EP has been reissued by 75 or Less Records, and you can get a limited edition hand silkscreened copy with 5 bonus tracks, all for 5 bucks. It's well worth it - these guys make a noise big enough to overflow their tiny state, and with hooks infectious enough to get all 1,048,319 of its heads nodding in unison.

Lame Drivers mp3s from The Captain Amazing EP reissue:

Let Me Get Those #s Down
Wits Out

Own Captain Amazing.

Also download Hangman's Code (mp3) (basement version) from their never-released They Expand EP.

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