Monday, October 04, 2004

Damn You Dreamworks!!!

People will take their kids in droves to yet another half-assed obvious RIPOFF of Pixar but they won't take them to see one of the most different, creative movies to come along in years??? Listen to The Keoki, people, his kid loved "Sky Captain"! What kind of values are you teaching your kids? Plagiarism is okay? Shoddy work is acceptable? It's okay to steal ideas that people worked really hard on for years, people who try to make a really good movie? We can't wait for a year from now, when Dreamworks present us with "The Superfolks" about a superhero family that takes a break every now and then to perform a cheesy Smashmouth remake of an oldies song, in between making nonstop lame pop culture references!

'Shark Tale' Hooks Movie-Goers With $49.1M


darth said...


exactly. dreamworks blows. ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION??? WTF??? i'm linking arethusa to this post.

Arethusa said...

Oh gosh, don't remind me, I might start crying again. Can't wait for yet ANOTHER Shrek movie.