Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The World Of Tomorrow, Today!

Two nights ago I saw "Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow" at a local theater, the Mazza Gallaria to be precise. I've put off my review for a couple days to digest the film and see what stayed with me and what left. Not a thing has left! The movie is everything you should go to the MOVIES for. Dramas are great....but you can see that in the comfort of your own home. Silly comedies and even good comedies are sometimes best seen at home so that the crowds laughter isn't drowning out the next joke. But this film is a reason to go to the theater. In the time we live in you hear people say, "I'll see it on video." all too often. It's probably due to the fact that many people have some sort of home theater system in their home, and the viewing experience is pretty good. You also don't have to wait very long for a film to turn around and get from the movie-house to your house. Common turn arounds are now 3-4 months, which is very palatable for the home viewer. But Sky Captain was made for the big screen. The visual and aural experience is something to be enjoyed with the lights low, the smell of butter from your popcorn hitting your nose and your shoes sticking to the floor. You'll need to leave the cynicism at the door however and go back to a time in your head when you went to see a movie to escape the realities of the world around you. When you went to the cinema to see something you could see no where else. When you completely believed that the Millennium Falcon could make point five past lightspeed. When you believed the Indian Jones could out run a gigantic boulder. When flying monkeys scared the hell out of you. When the sight of Kong laying at the bottom of the Empire State Building made you bawl like a baby. For some folks getting back there won't be to hard, for others maybe a little harder. But the bottom line is this film is a joy. The performances are very good, especially considering they all acted against a blue-screen with no sets whatsoever. The story is a lot of fun and constantly surprised me with where it went next. And then there are Robots....The Giant Robots! The design and effects of this movie should definitely be singled out later this year at Oscar time because you've never seen anything like this realized so successfully on film. I can't wait to see it again and I won't wait until the video comes out. The film is a loveletter to the serials and films of the 30's and 40's, and you can see the affection in every frame. Lastly, I sat next to a three year old who kept his eyes on the screen from beginning to end (except when he needed to cover them at the necessary times) and he's still talking about the giant robots and the Sky Captain. And for that matter so am I.


Canowine said...

Hey, the flying monkeys are still terrifying, and Indiana Jones CAN outrun that damned boulder that was placed so meticulously by the natives.

I haven't seen it, but it sounds like this film deserved a shot on the hi-res IMAX film.

alena said...

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