Thursday, October 07, 2004


I love the unique sound of 'em. No, not earth's most despicable creature, but the bilingual (English-Portuguese) bossa nova/indiepop band from NY and Brazil. Listen to some tracks from their sophomore album, Sunshine Barato, at the bottom right of this page. Also, don't miss the video clips.


-epm said...

Cool... Not Gilberto/Getz cool, but cool.

One of the best things in life -- aside from finding twenty bucks at the bottom of the clothes dryer -- is finding new music... And their entire catalogue is on iTunes!

Well, they only have two albums, but it's more impressive to say it my way.

Canowine said...

Finding new music is best in life. Or is the chilly evening weather in Tokyo??

-epm said...

Ooooh... you're a very, very bad man.

I can't believe you posted that link. Very poor taste....

(Let's see now... how do I bookmark this thing?, Ooo look another one!)