Thursday, October 07, 2004

Flight 77-Pentagon Conspiracy Theory

By now, you've seen the video (via Freedom Underground) attached to your e-mail and linked to all over the web. I was at the Pentagon site, right at the entry control point, and I didn't see anything resembling an aircraft part coming out of the wreckage. Still, I don't believe that it was the result of a government plot. As Philip D. Zelikow, the 9-11 commission's executive director states in the last paragraph of this Washington Post article:
"The question of whether American 77 hit the Pentagon is indisputable," Zelikow said. "One reason you tend to doubt conspiracy theories when you've worked in government is because you know government is not nearly competent enough to carry off elaborate theories. It's a banal explanation, but imagine how efficient it would need to be."

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