Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Viva Voce Sing About Devotion

Kevin Robinson recently posted some factoids on VivaVoce.com about the new album:

Posted in Viva News on March 1st, 2009 by Kevin
We leave for tour in a few days. Very excited. It’ll be nice to head south on the I5 where it’s a bit warmer than home. Been getting a bunch of emails about the new record & thought I’d post a few facts about it here:

a) Anita and I built a studio in our backyard. We recorded Rose City in 3 weeks - from pen to paper to final master. This was deliberate.

b) All photos (and cover image) were taken at a show here in town by Megan Holmes ( a pdx photog and general mover and shaker). The guitar on the cover is Anita’s Les Paul Custom Lite, a rare little number.

c) Obviously tried to make a conscious effort to keep all elements of the record based out of Portland. It’s not really a concept record, but it’ll make sense when you hear it.

See you out on the open road. All the venues with pre-sale ticket links are up at our concert page & all of our confirmed SXSW performances are listed.
See you soon.

Viva Voce - Devotion (mp3)

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