Friday, March 27, 2009

Electric Owls' Magic Show to be on 90210

From the Electric Owls MySpace:

March 26, 2009 - Thursday

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If you are like me then it has been a dream of yours for some time to hear Electric Owls on one of your favorite CW shows.

Well the long wait is over.

This Tuesday at 9/8 central the steamy new version of 90210 returns with all new episodes and will at some point be featuring Magic Show by The Owls Electric.

Tune in if you dare.

In other news, if you are of European descent and still reside in the Motherland, I'm coming your way very soon. So check the tour dates, and please come rock with me Eurostyle. Or in your case, just stylishly.

Thanks folks!


Also, the debut album, Ain't Too Bright, will be out May 5th. Here's the album cover:

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RC666 said...

That is awesome that they will get some national coverage! I wish it was The Comas but he still kicks ass!