Monday, March 10, 2008

The Mountain Goats - Surrounded (Live on Fair Game)

John Darnielle told Faith Salie that this song, to his knowledge, has never been played live before he played it for last Friday's Fair Game show. It's originally a collaboration with John Vanderslice, and it's about "rich guys who spend six months tending to the organ-harvesting colonies on the moon, and the other six in their mansions in Colorado..." So this is something very special, and if you don't agree, I will fight you. Plus, it sort of ties in nicely with my Terminator post:

Let me fall right through my own roof like a meteorite
Let the world and all its wonders leave me to my toys tonight
And my ninety six inch television screen
Let me die, let me die surrounded my machines

The Mountain Goats - Surrounded (Live on Fair Game 3-7-2008)(mp3)

Own The Mountain Goats' Heretic Pride (but please note that Surrounded is not on this album)

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