Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Magnetic Fields - Live on KEXP 3-7-2008

...and the live performances are coming in, scores of live internet broadcasts riding on metal wires and fiber optic cables from Austin to some strange mysterious winding path, yearning to breathe and thump through your computer speakers (hopefully they're good speakers). This one was actually recorded last week in the KEXP studio. It's a recording, and it travelled a long distance, and was then compressed into a smaller electronic file, but it still feels like Stephin Merritt is right there having a conversation with you.

The Magnetic Fields - Live On KEXP 3-7-2008 (mp3s):

This Little Ukelele
Smile, No One Cares How You Feel
With Whom To Dance
The Nun's Litany

Own Distortion

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