Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, Well, Well, My Janelle.

This goes out to you, Janelle from Big Brother All-Stars. The Season 6 alliance is done, and now you're target #1, but without you it will only be half as fun.

But look on the bright side. After you're evicted, you'll be able to skip to a music store, or even access the internet, and buy this great CD from the Chicago band Royce. It's way better than having Power of Veto. They're sort of like Gus Gus gone introspective. Like laptop dance music with cool guys rather than a pocket-protector-wearing Wizard behind the curtain. The CD even has a song that is all about you. Fools spelled your name wrong, but who cares about spelling when you're hot. If you listen real close to "Ginelle," I think that you'll agree that it's clearly about someone who fell into obsession over you after getting to know you intimately on CBS. Am I lying? Come on, you can trust me like a housemate.

Royce - Ginelle (mp3)
Royce - Tuff Love (mp3)

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