Friday, August 11, 2006

Live REM

Have I mentioned my excitement over the forthcoming R.E.M. collection from the I.R.S. years? Oh yeah, I have.

I pulled out Essential R.E.M. In the Attic yesterday, and was reminded of how much that very last medley annoys me. It's so stinking long, and the whole Peter Gabriel Red Rain part is barely tolerable to me. Nothing against Peter Gabriel or his song, but I just want to get to the So. Central Rain part already, you know? So I snipped out that section, and now I have the slow So. Central Rain part by itself. Here's the excerpt, along with the live studio version of Just A Touch, from the same collection.

R.E.M. - South Central Rain (Live, excerpted from In The Attic medley) (mp3)
Just A Touch (mp3)

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